When Wolves Become One
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When Wolves Become One is a Wolf RP taken place in the cold lands of Alaska.
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Pack Stats
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M|1 F|4
King Quinton | Queen– potentially searching
Duke– open
Earls– open

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M|3 F|3
Searching for King| Queen Seren
Duke– open
Earls– open


 The Hierarchy

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PostSubject: The Hierarchy   The Hierarchy Icon_minitimeSun Jan 25, 2015 12:10 am

T.H.E  H.I.E.R.A.R.C.H.Y

Kings and Queens
They are known as the Alphas of the pack. They run the pack and have all control over their pack mates. Their pack mates look up to and respect their King and or Queen. 

They are known as the Beta's of the pack. They help control the pack especially when the Queen and or King aren't around. They are to be given the respect you'd give to the Queen and or King. 

They are known as the Deltas. They are third in command when it comes to the Hierarchy. They help the Dukes out when they are in need when the King and Queen are away. They deserve the same respect as the Dukes. 

The Lords are the elders. They've experienced the most throughout the years. They teach the young the ways of the pack and tell them stories. They deserve everyones respect. Even from the Queen and or King. 

Lead Knights
The lead knights are the lead fighters of the pack. They protect at all cost and refuse to back down even when they are injured up until they can't take it any longer. 

The knights assist the lead knights as the fighters of the pack. They help protect and defend until the Lead Knights call them off once they have been out numbered or it's just too much or not worth the fight.

Lead Commons
The lead commons lead the other commons into their hunts. They are the ones who pick out which kill to go after and how they will go about it. They call off the hunts when things aren't going well or they find a better kill to go after. 

The Commons are the hunters of the pack. They provide the majority of the food that the pack consumes. They are some of the fastest in the pack. If it weren't for the Commons the pack would potentially go hungry.

The nannies are the caretakers of the pack. They watch after and protect the young pups until they no longer need watched over. 

Series Squires
The Series Squires are the apprentice of the pack. They are the next generation and are to be protected at all cost by everyone. They find a rank they wish to have when they are older and they work at becoming good at it with either the commons, knights, or the nannies. 

The Squires at the pups of the pack. They are watched by the nannies when the rest of the pack is busy but as a whole the entire pack watches the squires. They are the next generation so if the pack is to thrive they need the squires to survive. 

The Serfs are the omegas of the pack. They are the lowest ranking members of the pack and they are the lowest in the Hierarchy. They aren't too good at hunting nor fighting or even caring for pups so they do little things for the Higher ranking pack members.   
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The Hierarchy
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