When Wolves Become One

When Wolves Become One is a Wolf RP taken place in the cold lands of Alaska.
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 Salvador Bio

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PostSubject: Salvador Bio   Sun Jan 25, 2015 3:45 pm


.::Full Name::. Salvador

.::Pronunciation::. Sal-va-dor

.::Nickname(s)::. Sal

.::Maturity::. 3 years of age

.::Birth Season::. Summer

.::Sex::. Male

.::S.O::. Pansexual

.::Heritage::. Pure gray wolf

.::Language::. English

.::Desired Rank::. Loner

.::Over All::. Salvador is a black furred male with rather long and puffy fur. His muzzle and chest grows a bit lighter and lights up his pelt. His snout is a little short and thick, but his jaws are filled with sharp teeth. His orbs are a dark, amber color that gets a strange greenish tint near the rim. He is rather muscular and he is a bit larger than average males, but only by a few inches or so. His legs are long and strong, the same goes for his long furred tassel. His cranium is broad and he has long-furred cheeks and large, slim ears.

.::Fur Texture::. Salvador’s fur is rather soft and a little silky, it makes him look charming and mysterious

.::Fur Color::. His fur is a dark, dark grey color which is otherwise known as jet black or ebony

.::Fragrance::. He carries the smell of pine needles and wet grass, rather refreshing and soothing.

.::Voice::. His voice is charming, yet deep and mysterious.

.::Optics::. His eyes are a deep amber color with a tint of green in the rim of them

.::Markings/Scars::. Salvador holds no current scars. The tip of his snout and a small speck on his chest is a lighter grey, almost white color, otherwise he is a plain black furred wolf.

.::Temperament::. Charming, fatherly and friendly, at first the brute seems to be nothing but perfect and a great role model. At first he will try his best to be friendly and charming towards another canine, but if you annoy or anger him, he will snap and growl loudly at you. He is over protective and would not be the best father for a litter of rebels. He is also rather ill-tempered and will snap if anyone insults him or any of his family members, friends or just a canine he had just meet. But he is always willing to help out when needed. If you need a body guard, he is pretty much the best you can find as he will gladly protect smaller and younger canines as well as pregnant females and young cubs.

.::Likes::. Sun bathing | Hunting | Socializing | Sun sets

.::Dislikes::. Cold | Sicknesses | Questions | Fighting without reason

.::Strengths::. Frame, he tends to scare away visitors and possible threats because of his large and muscular built. His muscles are not for show and can easy be used to impress females or fight other males. He tends to use his body for excise more than fighting though.

.::Weaknesses::. Nose, he has a bad sense of smelling and will easily just wander into hidden wolves without even knowing they were there. It downs his ability to scent prey and threats.

.::Sire::. Lauros

.::Dam::. Selena

.::Siblings::. Tauros, Sel

.::Past Crush(s)::. N/A

.::Significant Other::. N/A

.::Offspring(s)::. N/A

.::Aquaintances::. N/A

.::Friendship's::. N/A

.::Enemies::. N/A

.::History::. Born to Selena, a loner who once lived in one of the packs, and Lauros, a dark colored loner who had stolen Selena’s heart away from the pack she had lived in. The two loners were thrilled to see that their offspring, one female and two males, were all healthy and strong. The pups were named differently, the young female pup, Sel, was a shortened version of her mother. Tauros was the sire’s name with a T instead of the L. And then there were Salvador. He was the only dark furred pup and were named after Lauros’ traveling brother, Salvador, a male who had his heart locked onto the land ahead of him and not on any she-wolf.
The pups grew quickly and the curious and friendly Salvador was soon out of the nest and wandering about. His siblings stayed near their parents while the oldest pup would jump around in the large bundles of red and brown leaves that the autumn wind had blown around. Their mother and father were great parents and soon had the ability to keep an eye on the troublesome male pup, even though he would wail a lot if he didn’t get outside.
As a young adult, Salvador started developing his character. He became a rather charming and friendly male, who’s moods could easily turn on him and make him into a small replicate of his father. He and his family were slowly grown apart and his young sister was the first to leave. The black furred male missed her at first, but slowly started forgetting he even had the sister he once knew. He was the second to leave and started wandering closer to the packs.

.::Theme Song::.
Ed Sheeran - I see fire


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PostSubject: Re: Salvador Bio   Sun Jan 25, 2015 3:49 pm

Very Nice! Glad to have you. 

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Salvador Bio
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