When Wolves Become One

When Wolves Become One is a Wolf RP taken place in the cold lands of Alaska.
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King Quinton | Queen– potentially searching
Duke– open
Earls– open

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 Quinton Giovanni — King of Tarsus pack

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PostSubject: Quinton Giovanni — King of Tarsus pack   Mon Jan 26, 2015 8:01 pm

.::Full Name::.
Quinton Giovanni

2 syll. qui-(n)ton, qu-int-on

Quin, Ton, Quinny, Tonny,
anything and everything you can come up with.

Four full years he has walked this Earth

.::Birth Season::.
October 7th early Autumn



Dire Wolf (Canis Dirus) x (Mackenzie Valley Wolf (Canis Lupus Occidentalis) x Steppe Wolf (Canis Lupus Campestris) x Grey Wolf (Canis Lupus)


.::Desired Rank::.
King of Tarsus pack

.::Over All::.
Unlike most Quinton is bigger then the average everyday male and is much bigger then the average wolf and female. Thanks to his dominant Dire and Grey wolf genes he stands roughly 95 cm (little over 3 ft.) at the shoulder and 1.5 m (4.5-6.5 ft.) in length. He practically is built for destruction and fighting, almost like a tank walking on four legs. Since he stands so tall he weighs roughly 64-68 kg (141-150 lb.). Though not all this weight is fat, no most of it is hard muscles and his thick furry hide.

Quinton's facial features are like any other male wolfs only his nose is a smokey dark grey. His ears are rounded, fitting perfectly on his skull. His snout, however, is  more wide then it is long but he still holds a killer bite. Sharp and lethel canines and molars fill this males mouth, making him seem even more terrifying then he already is. Extra fur and skin cover his face along with his neck, between his shoulder blades, and chest. This is a great advantage when it comes to fighting. It's harder to grasp and keep a firm hold on his neck as well it's hard to find his vitel parts. This brute has long stocky legs with large paws that hold dull nails, yet sharp enough to tear flesh. Even though Quinton has long legs he isn't much of a long distance runner, if anything his run is either a fast gallop or sprint but even then he can't go as fast or for as long. Quinton has enough lean in his body structure to move swiftly and elegantly when fighting in water and land combat. With webbed paws Quinton is a great swimmer. In fact he loves swimming and would do it every second of the day if he could.

Quintion's banner is rather thick and soft, almost pillow like you could say. Strange eyes this male has. A mix between light and dark green with hazel fleckings that swim in these endless green seas he calls eyes. Unique but strange and odd in the wolf society but then again Quinton isn't a 'normal' wolf. He is far to vast to ever qualify as 'normal'.

The most beautiful thing about Quinton— except his eyes — is his coat. He got a mix between his fathers black fur and his mothers pale grey hide, creating his gorgeous dark smokey grey pelt. But his pelt isn't just a bleak dark grey, it is also twined with browns, blacks, and creams. His cheeks, belly, chest, his under neck, under part of his muzzle, inner part of his thighs legs and ear tips all hold the yellow tainted white creating a dirty cream color. Along the edges of the cream light brown can be seen before his fur gets darker. Ontop his muzzle its brown with little grey. Brown surrounds his eyes before the rest of his face is cascaded in dark grey. Along his shoulders, back and tassel is were you can find the grey that's twined with black and brown. For all this coloring he blends in well with forests and darker times in the day, great camouflage for such things. Last but not least Quinton's fur is dawny soft along with his waterproof undercoat.

.::Fur Texture::.
Downy soft yet shaggy

.::Fur Color::.
Different hues of black, brown, cream, and grey

Quinton has a very unique and calming smell. He is lathered in the smell of spring rain and honeysuckle tinted with the smell of smoke.

Quinton's voice is unique like everyone else's. His voice is smooth and holds a velvety tinge to it, sounding almost like heavens bells.
Click here to hear Quinton's voice! (Wolfens voice; the white wolf /w blue eyes)

Unlike many Quinton holds stunning emerald, hazel flecked jewels.

Many scars litter Quinton's skin but you'll never see them with his thick hide, unless you are actively searching.

At first encounter Quinton will be seen as a hostile wolf, full of himself and full of hate but don't judge a book by its cover. Quinton in fact wouldn't dare hurt an annoying fly! He's a big teddy bear, warm, soft and fuzzy. Quinton is a kind of wolf who observes his surroundings and thinks things through. He isn't a wolf to make hasty desicions for that could lead to the down fall of others, including himself. Quinton is a rather patient wolf and it's hard to get him annoyed let alone angry. However if you do manage to offened him then your a complete fool. Quinton's anger isn't a place you want to be. If you didn't think he was already intimidating at first glance then you sure as hell better be scared to death.

Quinton maybe a wolf of peace and patience but when his stored energy sparks it's best to be on your way. Nothing is more dangerous then a fully grown deadly equipped male seeing red with rage. Though he can be kind, sweet and caring it's best not to underestimate this brute or your in for a shocker.

Quinton isn't one to dwel on his anger for long, there's no point in staying angry at something that's in the past, atleast that's Quinton's logic. Most say Quinton has an inner eye, he's full of wisdom and is great to come to with guidance or advise. He's an intelligent, beautiful creature that has a heart of gold. He is dominent and knows when to let this dominance show, he does not hesitate to put you in your place in the most peaceful way he can think of however he will put you in place by force if he needs to, after all not all things can be avoided no matter how much one wants to. All in all Quinton acts as an authority figure that believes in the good no matter how tainted your souls can be, even his own.

Pups :: Friendship :: Peace / Love :: Kindness :: Rain :: Thunder storms :: Swimming :: Relaxing :: Play fighting :: Chewing on sticks and Bones :: Food :: Fishing :: She-wolves :: Flowers

Unnecessary fighting :: Arrogant fools :: Someone trying to be boss :: Hate filled creatures :: Abuse :: Stampedes :: Fire :: Death / Loss / Grief :: Fear :: The feeling of being powerless :: Awkward silence

Fighting / Standing his ground :: Swimming :: His many tongues :: His wisdom

His family :: His pack :: Being naïve :: His past ::

Xander Giovanni

Jasmine Giovanni

Travis, Kayla, Drew, Levi,

.::Past Crush(s)::.

.::Significant Other::.
No but potentially searching

Not currently


None at the moment

Care to join?

Quinton was born in a litter of five with three brothers and one sister, Quinton being the eldest out of the five. His birth pack was rather harsh and filled with gore and violence. He was born to Alpha's, his mother Jasmine and his father Xander. Not the best childhood you could say. Here in his pack the Sinister Valley pack was known for its cruelty and their lack of freedom. She-wolves had no right or say and were only thought to be good for breeding and reproducing pups. Quinton and his siblings where Jasmine's and Xander's first litter. Jasmine was a beautiful grey wolf with strange green eyes but she lacked size and was easily taken advantage of. Her petite frame was no obstacle for Xander's massive towering body mass. She had no self defense when she was rapped by the young Alpha male. The only thing on his mind was Jasmine and unwinding himself. Since he mated her and marked her as his own she became the Alphess of the Sinister Valley. As much Jasmine felt violated and angery she was someone happy to have a mate like Xander. Xander was a handsome fellow with a glossy ink black coat and dazzling hazel eyes. He was the largest wolf in the pack and most cruelest but he had a soft side for Jasmine though he never showed it publicly for fear of his 'big bad wolf' reputation.

Two weeks passes before Jasmine announced her pregnancy to her mate, she was estatic at the thought of becoming a mother but she dreaded on how she would have to give birth in this horrid pack. She didn't want her children to grow up in such a hostile environment. So she planned to escape as soon as her pups were old enought to walk.

Months and months passes before Jasmine was heavy with pups. This pregnancy was taking a toll on her small frame. She was carrying a larger males pups and she was small. She often found herself in the Shamans den. The old male was a close family friend of Jasmine. Ever since her parents death the old fart took care of her like she was his own, secretly teaching her the ways of herbs and best remedy's. She always thought of him as a father figure she never had. On one dark cloudless night Jasmine went in to labor, waking her mate and pack members as her screams of agony rippled through the silent atmosphere. Gordon, the hermit rushed into the Alphas den, shooing Xander out. Blood surrounded Jasmines plump swelling belly. The pain was almost unbearable to were she almost passes out from the pain. Bitting on a thick stick Gordon comforted the petite female as she let out labord breaths, bitting into the stick every time a contraction came. Finally it was time for her to push. It to twelve pushes to get Quinton out. He was a large pup. But after he was born and cleaned off the other four came in about five pushes.

Completely fatigued Jasmine feel asleep almost instantly before Gordon shook her awake. One pup wasn't breathing... The poor beige female laid motionless next to her mothers abdomen. She was small compared to her brothers and was the only female in the litter. Instantly panicking Jasmine nudged her pup to wake up, whining softly as grief slowly came to her. Sensing his mothers distress Quinton crawled over his sister. It was then that Xander walked in to look at his pups. His eyes glanced over the pups until he found Jasmine nudging his daughter awake, well trying too. His face scrunched up in disgust at how his mate was behaving. Looking over the pups once again his hazel orbs landed on Quinton. His face light up in pride and smugness.

Finally reaching his sisters face Quinton nudged his sisters mouth open being blind didn't help when he couldn't see. But he let out a loud breath through his nose. Next thing Jasmine grinned like a fool as her only daughter spluttered and coughed up gunk. She nuzzled Quinton and her daughter who she named Kayla later on. She looked up at her mate, her bushy tail thumping on the warm grassy ground of the cave. Her green eyes sparkled in relief but her smile soon faded as her mate just rolled his eyes carelessly at the survival of his daughter. As Quinton went back to suckling Xander snatched him up by the scruff causing Jasmine to growl out in warning. Never mess with a mother and her pups. But by the pointed glare her mate gave her she shut her tramp and shameless watched him carry their sun out to the waiting pack. Xander proudly presented Quinton to the pack, announcing his name out loud. The whole pack chanted out the newborns name though he could not hear them.

Not liking the feeling of floating in the air he growled out, demanding to be set down and eat. Xander only chuckled at this before the chanting quited down. He returned Quinton to his mouther and showed the rest of the pups off to the pack but Kayla. Jasmine hated that and it only made her more determined to get out of here...

*more will be added later!*

.::Theme Song::.

Take to the sky by Owl City


.::Joining Pack::.
Tarsus pack

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PostSubject: Re: Quinton Giovanni — King of Tarsus pack   Tue Jan 27, 2015 12:45 am



-Created by Seraphina for Seren
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Quinton Giovanni — King of Tarsus pack
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