When Wolves Become One

When Wolves Become One is a Wolf RP taken place in the cold lands of Alaska.
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 Bovinari - Sterling Pack

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PostSubject: Bovinari - Sterling Pack   Tue Jan 27, 2015 6:32 pm

.::Full Name::. Bovinari

.::Pronunciation::. Boh-Vi-Nar-ee, 4 syllables.

.::Nickname(s)::. (Kindish nicks) Bovi, Bov, Nari, (Rude nicks) Mud  fur, Skinny legs. (His favorite is Bovi)

.::Maturity::. Adult, 3 years and 4 months.

.::Birth Season::. March 13th, early spring.

.::Sex::. Masculine, male.

.::S.O::. Bisexual, sees both as equals.

.::Heritage::. Unknown

.::Language::. English right?

.::Desired Rank::. Lead common, or common.


.::Over All::. White underbelly, red fur with black tips that looks like he has mud on him. He stands at 85 cm, roughly 2 and 3/4 feet, is 1.3 m in length, 4.5 feet, and weighs 55 kg, or
121 pounds.
.::Fur Texture::. Short, slightly prickly, can be soft if touched the right way.

.::Fur Color::. Red, black, and white.

.::Fragrance::. Like pine cones and pine trees.

.::Voice::. Sounds like a teenage boy, slightly more elevated than normal. When he gets mad or is proud, scared, etc., he makes his voice lower and elongates some of his words to appear and sound more powerful.

.::Optics::. One is dark orange gold, the other is dark grey.

.::Markings/Scars::. White spots on his cheeks, slightly torn ear.

Playful - Bovi's favorite game is chase, and he likes to play with the pups when he isn't busy. If he ever says something mean, it's most likely to play around and rile up the other wolf.

Hyper - Bovi can get excited very easily and loves to run around, adding to the fact that his favorite game is chase. He also is able to run for a bit longer with his extra energy.

Proud - Bovi can get a bit showy when it comes to personal achievements, such as big game and his speed. It can get annoying quickly, and sometimes he doesn't know when to let up.

Talkative - Bovi loves to talk, and can get most into either a very confusing conversation to get what he wants, or a kind conversation so he can help others get over a loss or heartbreak.

Compassionate - Bovi is very kind and loves to help others, even if it forces him to hide and push down his own sadness or depression. He'd rather help then take care of himself, if someone close to him is sad he will stay by their side until they feel better.

Gullible - Bovi can be easily tricked if someone tries, and although he tries to work on it, he still will believe most anything someone he trusts tells him.

Not very trusting - Bovi tends not to trust most wolves, the reason being in his history. He can play with them, and hunt with them, and talk with them, but still won't trust them. Sure, he would save their life, but he wouldn't trust them.

.::Likes::. Friends, playing, fake fighting, talking, pups, swimming, running, happy wolves, howling, hunting.

.::Dislikes::. Fire, death, loss, enemies, hatred, rudeness, cold wolves, being stuck, being yelled at.

.::Strengths::. Running, speed, very easy to get along with, happy, quick thinking.

.::Weaknesses::. Not very strong, can get annoying very quickly, if he gets sad he will most likely stay that way, can go to extremes when they aren't necessary.

.::Sire::. Luco (Loo, coh)

.::Dam::. Helia (Heh, lee, a)

.::Siblings::. Only pup

.::Past Crush(s)::. None

.::Significant Other::. None

.::Offspring(s)::. None

.::Aquaintances::. Queen of Sterling Pack, Yuna

.::Friendship's::. None

.::Enemies::. He can be a mean one if he hates you, none yet

.::History::. Bovi was born to his mother Helia and his father Luco within the pack, a generally normal family. Sure he had no siblings, but besides that he was normal. He was a bit skinny and a bit small, but that was fine. He grew up normally, he played and he laughed, and he had fun. He ran around a lot, annoying the adult wolves sometimes, and was a bit of a daddy's boy. He loved to follow around his father, who was a commoner. One day his father didn't return from the hunt. He was later told that Luco had accidentally stumbled upon a bear cub, and was killed by it's mom. From then on Bovi stayed near his mother, never really playing or running or anything anymore. It took almost until he was a year old for him to finally get over his father. His mother got over Luco much faster than her pup, and quickly got annoyed with him. She was old for a wolf, about 7 years old, and got sick during the winter. Despite the tension between them, Bovi still cried and slipped back into depression when she died of the disease early spring. Bovi didn't really get better until he was about a year and a half old. He starting training himself more and more, getting better and better at running, and his natural talent showed through. He was extremely quick, able to dodge trees and jump over rocks with ease, and race across fields to catch rabbits. And that where he is today, a loyal and happy member of the Sterling pack.

.::Theme Song::. None as of now, but it'd be something up beat and playful.

.::Reference::. (Picture above is from a google search)

.::Joining Pack::. Sterling Pack
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PostSubject: Re: Bovinari - Sterling Pack   Tue Jan 27, 2015 6:40 pm


Welcome to WWBO! I hope you enjoy your stay.

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Bovinari - Sterling Pack
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