When Wolves Become One

When Wolves Become One is a Wolf RP taken place in the cold lands of Alaska.
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 Nina bio

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PostSubject: Nina bio   Wed Jan 28, 2015 12:29 pm

.::Full Name::. Nina, former name was Sel

.::Pronunciation::. Ni-na

.::Nickname(s)::. Ni | Bossy

.::Maturity::. 4 years

.::Birth Season::. Summer

.::Sex::. Female

.::S.O::. Pansexual, attracted to all kinds of genders.

.::Heritage::. Pure gray wolf

.::Language::. English | Speaks a bit of Danish

.::Desired Rank::. Lead knight

.::Over All::. Nina is a sturdy and very muscular she-wolf with light cream fur. Her nose bridge and lower back is a dark, dark grey and seems not to match the rest of her light fur. She has a set of amber eyes that grows more reddish around the pupil and in the rims, causing her eyes to be the prettiest on her. She has long scruffy fur that is almost always lifted up in aggression. Her ears are rather long and wide, making her hearing a lot better than average wolves.

.::Fur Texture::. Her fur is slightly long and very rough.

.::Fur Color::. She holds the color of a white-creamy color, her nose bridge and lower spine is black.

.::Fragrance::. Nina carries around the smell of ash.

.::Voice::. Her voice is rather rash and usually mistaken for a young male’s.

.::Optics::. Her eyes are an amber color and gets redder around the pupil and in the rim of her eye.

.::Markings/Scars::. Nina as the black fur color on her lower spine and the black fur on her nose bridge, she carries a Y-like scar on her hip from a small fight.

.::Temperament::. Very aggressive towards loners, she tends to bark and growl at males from other groups in the land and will protect her queen and king, even if it would cost her life. She is rather respectful towards the elderly and seems to lower her growling when around younger members of the pack. Nina is extremely love shy and tends to grumble or pin her ears when she meets someone she likes or if she enjoys another ones company, but most think it’s the opposite. She is very tomboyish and barks at anything girly, such as flowers and gossiping.

.::Likes::. Brawling | Training | Patrolling | Long walks

.::Dislikes::. Girly stuff | Flirts | Players | Loners

.::Strenghts::. She is a rather large she-wolf who would gladly scuff her knights over the ear if she gets the chance. She is able to take many hits and run for a while before getting tired.

.::Weaknesses::. Smelling, like her brothers, her nose is rather weak and she is unable to detect nearby smells.

.::Sire::. Lauros

.::Dam::. Selena

.::Siblings::. Salvador | Tauros

.::Past Crush(s)::. --

.::Significant Other::.--





.::History::. She was born to the couple, Selena and Lauros. She was a rather large bully when she was little and would hunt around her younger brother for fun if she got the chance. She and her mother wasn’t that close and would rather call each other enemies instead of family members. But Nina, or Sel at the moment, seemed to love her father’s company and were a real father’s girl. She would go with him where ever he walked and would hunt with him as an adolescent. But after a year, she left without much of a care and ventured off. After a few months she meet the Sterling pack and worked her way up the ranks and got the Lead knight rank.

.::Theme Song::.


.::Joining Pack::. Sterling pack

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PostSubject: Re: Nina bio   Wed Jan 28, 2015 12:33 pm



-Created by Seraphina for Seren
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Nina bio
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