When Wolves Become One

When Wolves Become One is a Wolf RP taken place in the cold lands of Alaska.
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PostSubject: Seraphina.    Fri Jan 30, 2015 7:01 pm

.::Full Name::.


Name means: Burning one.

Anything else someone comes up with.

Two years and 3months

.::Birth Season::.
Born in the dead of winter, Seraphina, along side her brother survived the harsh climate sadly their sister was to weak.



Hudson Bay Wolf.


.::Desired Rank::.

.::Over All::.
Measuring 4 feet in body length and 29inches in height and weighing on 98lbs.  Seraphina isn't to be called a 'big' wolf. She has bushy yellowish-white fur that is soft to the touch and beautiful honey brown eyes.

.::Fur Texture::.
Soft to the touch.

.::Fur Color::.



(Voice Alex Kingston)

Honey brown.


Sera has as temperament that is hard to judge. At one point she could be laughing and having fun with one and then next she might want to bite your head off or be in a mood 'leave me alone'  Some could consider her to be bipolar.. Most times, Sera is a sweetheart, she gets overprotective and would fight to the death to defend her and those she cares about rights. She hates seeing others in pain.. She prefers to be alone because she believes getting close to someone means pain for her.


• Fish ~ sera loves the taste, smell, and feel of fish, it was also her first meal when she started to switch over to solid food.
• The Winter ~ born in the winter, Sera has a strong love for the cold climate and tends to be a better mood during the winter.
• Pups ~ Sera loves pups, she loves the energy that they give off, how they never tire and are always exploring.

• The summer ~ Sera hates to be hot and will spend most of her time laying in shallow water during the summer.. She also seems to be in a worse mood during this time
• Other Adult wolves ~ Sera doesn't understand the meaning of companionship which is partly why she is a rogue.

• Her ability to survive alone.  eight months on, Seraphina was on her own. She spent her days traveling the terrain and tasting different kinds of prey, meeting other wolves but she always returned to being alone.
• Independence.  Not relying on others has enabled Sera to trust her own judgment and being able to rely on herself if she were to get into a rough situation.
• Her lithe build.  With her lithe build she is able to easily maneuver around.
• Poor eye sight.  With poor eyesight, Sera's other senses seem to be stronger, such as sense of smell and hearing, as well as touch

• Poor eyesight.  her bad eyesight gives her trouble when hunting or at night.
• Stubbornness.  Sera is to stubborn for her own good and believes she can do everything on her own.




{brother; Alive)

Lexi{Sister; deceased}

.::Past Crush(s)::.

.::Significant Other::.






"I remember my pup years quite well, I was one of three pups in a litter and one of two to survive. I remember my mother telling the story of my birth.

My father had always been a rogue, on the other paw my mother was the daughter of an alpha who fell in love with the scraggly beast, together they ran away and they promised to spend their days together.. The day she told him she was to have his pups was a beautiful day but the day of my birth was a harsh one.. Well, heh, let me stop stalling and tell you about my life."


The day started out with a soft snow fall but would end with great tragedy.. Snuggled into a warm den lay a beautiful Hudson bay female wolf by the name of Misty, she lay sleeping in her nest as she awaited her mates, my fathers, return, as the day went on the weather changed from decent to harsh, dark clouds rolled in over head and loud booms of thunder rolled as the sound of an angery fury beat down against the earth.

As the storm began, so did the pain of labor, hitting misty like a falling branch, as she writhered about in pain time began to pass, the storm growing heavier and more brutal, worry filled her head as she searched the entrance desperately for her mate.

Time passed quickly and still no sign of her beloved mate, the pain had stopped and three lovely pups lined across her belly suckling happily.. Three pups, two females and one male, finally she heard him, his voice echoed in the den and sent a rush of energy through the fae, her tail beat on the ground as he came closer and laid his eyes on his first litter, his beautiful pups.

Despite the happiness that filled the pair, there was a sense of fear, the weather outside had yet to cease and the pups were still weak and they would have to wait and see if the pups were to survive, Raphe wanted to name them but Misty wanted to wait until she saw their personalities or certain characteristcs of their fur, eyes, or actions. But as the storm continued, the pups stages weakened and the smallest of the pup's, the one later to be named Lexi, life began to fade and she would soon pass away at her mothers side.

"Now, let me take a pause here.. My father and mother took the death of my sister hard and they truly believed they would lose all three of their pups in one night.. this was the mark of when my father began to drift away, sadness hung in the air and things between them would never be the same"
Anger bubbled in Raphe's stomach as he glared down at his mate and he told her he knew that they should have named the pups, they could have at least had that. Misty just remained quiet as she gazed at her pup's lifeless body. her name is lexi she told her mate, her gaze moving to meet his.

Days turned into months and the seasons changed, the two pups grew not only in strength but in size as well. Each pup was given a name; the remaining female was named Seraphina, meaning burning one, and the male was named Gavin and both pups loved each other very much. Raphe had left not to long ago, he would go out for days and come back in a rotten mood and one day he just never came back. Misty continued to love us and teach us things that we needed to know like hunting and tracking skills as well as those to avoid the humans.

Though that happiness wouldn't last and the three would be seperated as a fire raged through the forest destroying everying in its path as well. Mother was with son and daughter was cut off from them, Seraphina search for the longest time but soon gave up knowing she wouldn't find them, sadness tugged heavily at her heart she went her own way and found a new home.

After losing my family, i came across a male that i took a liking to but that wouldn't last long and after that i vowed i wouldn't ever fall in love again nor trust and i became distant and i started hating most things... Well, this is my story, it's not important but it's my story

.::Theme Song::.


Yuna :3

.::Joining Pack::.

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PostSubject: Re: Seraphina.    Sun Feb 01, 2015 4:33 pm

Very nice! Smile



-Created by Seraphina for Seren
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