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When Wolves Become One is a Wolf RP taken place in the cold lands of Alaska.
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 The Site Rules

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PostSubject: The Site Rules   The Site Rules Icon_minitimeSat Jan 24, 2015 6:52 pm

T.H.E  S.I.T.E  R.U.L.E.S

1. The first and most important rule is to read all and follow ALL of the rules so you aren't getting into any trouble or causing trouble for you fellow friends here on WWBO. It would be ashamed if you chose not to read all or follow them and you got into trouble for something that could have been prevented.

2. Being Active here on the site is a big rule. We don't ask that you get on every waking moment of every day but we do ask that you log on at least 3 times a week and that you post somewhere at least once a week. However if you are RPing with someone who is on constantly try and get on at least once a day and post so that person isn't waiting a week for a reply. If that's not possible for you then please find someone else to RP with who is on as much as you are just to be fair to those around you who you could be RPing with. 

3. The Site is rated M for mature. Not in the sense that there is mature content on the site but that the people on the site are acting mature. We will not tolerate any nonsense of people disrespecting one another or the site. So please do everyone a favor and treat others kindly when outside of RP. If it's in RP, characters fight but don't deliberately start fights with other characters at every moment you can. Some people don't like that. Just be RESPECTFUL and be MATURE about what you do here on WWBO.

4. There is a designated area for you to post your sites and other advertisements so please do not post them in the chat box or anywhere else on the site other than at the Guest Center under Advertising or under Affiliations if you wish to affiliate sites. 

5. When registering or if you already have please use your Characters name rather than a user name and then creating characters. There is a one profile per character rule. You may only have one character per profile but there is an unlimited amount of characters that you can have as long as you are RPing them as often as any other character you may play. (This will be found in the RP Rules as well as here.)

6. Nothing and I mean NOTHING is to be taken from this site without the permission from both, Yuna and Quinton. Anything that has been altered whether that be pictures or words belong to and are copy writed to Yuna and Quinton and belong to them. So ask before taking.

7. Please do not spam or annoy people in RP or on the chat box. This would be considered as Immature causing you to have broken a rule so please keep this in mind. 

More rules may be added or taken away as time progresses so check back when you receive notice of a new rule being added or an old rule being removed. Thanks, please enjoy the site. If you have questions be sure to contact either Seren or Quinton. 
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The Site Rules
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