When Wolves Become One
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When Wolves Become One is a Wolf RP taken place in the cold lands of Alaska.
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 Stores Ideas

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PostSubject: Stores Ideas   Stores Ideas Icon_minitimeThu Feb 05, 2015 7:09 pm

Hello Guest!

As you can see WWBO has a store. But the problem is I am fresh out of ideas for the store. I have a few things available, however I would love to hear / see what you guys want to have in the store. I'll list the things I already have so you guys don't repeat.

Stuff already in store

-Character change
-Extra litters
-Compainion (pet; I need ideas for what kinds, this is still an undecided option)
-Love potion
-Mod & Global mod privileges
-forbidden love

I need your guys help so it would be helpful to hear what you guys have to say! Copy and paste the code below.

[b]Iteams name:[/b]
[b]Iteam description:[/b]
[b]Cost of Iteam:(must be reasonable pricing)[/b]
[b]Extra / comments / questions:[/b]

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PostSubject: Re: Stores Ideas   Stores Ideas Icon_minitimeSat Feb 07, 2015 11:23 am

Items name: Accessories
Item description: Let's your wolf walk around with some fashion! From earrings to bananas.
Cost of Item: 50-200 Bones (Depends on item)
Extra / comments / questions: You can charge what you feel would be a reasonable price for the accessory. OR you can make items; Earrings(Stubbed cheaper then the others?), Bananas, Handkerchief(Around neck lol i don't think it's a handkerchief but what ever I forget), Collar, Bracelets, Tattoo(either printed onto fur or skin, can also be a burn tattoo like they do with cattle or horses), Piercings(other than on the ear), etc.
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Stores Ideas
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