When Wolves Become One
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When Wolves Become One is a Wolf RP taken place in the cold lands of Alaska.
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 Role Play Rules

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PostSubject: Role Play Rules   Role Play Rules Icon_minitimeSat Jan 24, 2015 7:25 pm

R.O.L.E  P.L.A.Y  R.U.L.E.S

1. Please use your Characters name rather than a user name and then creating characters. There is a one profile per character rule. You may only have one character per profile but there is an unlimited amount of characters that you can have as long as you are RPing them as often as any other character you may play.

2. We are a Semi-Realistic Wolf RP based in Alaska so just about everywhere you go there is going to be snow so please keep that in mind. Since we are a semi-realistic RP, mating and birthing can take place at any time during any season. Odd eye colors are acceptable but as far as unrealistic pelt colors please nothing to outrageous and keep your pelt markings minimal and something you can draw onto a picture.

3. If you wish to create a separate topic within the forums please receive permission from Seren or Quinton. If you have received permission and the topic created has gone inactive you will receive one warning of it's removal date and if you do not respond to it asking for more time then it will be removed and sent to the Archives page.

4. When RPing and you are looking for a mate you are allowed to start looking the moment you join the site and are accepted either into the pack or as a loner when your bio has been accepted by an Admin, Global Mod or a Mod(ONLY when Admins or GMs are not on). However when it comes to mating and having pups you must been with your mate for at least one week before trying for pups. When you find your mate you must let Seren AND Quinton, the Admins know.  

5. When Rping here there is a word count of at least 20 words just to make things a little more entertaining for those that are a little more advanced in RPing than others. Plus the 20+ word word count helps others to grow better at RPing. If you fail to reach the appropriate amount of words you will be asked to change your post or add something to it. 

6. When it comes to high ranks such as the Alphas partner or betas' and deltas there is to be no asking for those ranks. Those ranks will be given to those who deserve it or to those the pack Alpha(s) wishes to have those ranks. You may suggest it in your Bio but you must give another rank until the Alpha accepts you as his or her mate, or as beta male, beta female or delta male and delta female. 

7. Cursing is allowed within RP but keep it to a minimal of 2-3 words per post and preferably only if your character is mad or upset.  

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Role Play Rules
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